For internal consistency, this documentation uses some sample data, and unofficial names for certain features of the protocol.


Connected account

user currently authenticated to the API

User identifier

user’s Skype username, e.g. fred.2

conversation type:
1 = Messenger user
2 = Skype for Business user
8 = Skype user
19 = group
28 = agent/bot account (e.g. 28:concierge)
Chat identifier

unique chat name, e.g. a1b2c3d4...@thread.skype or a user identifier

Thread identifier

combination of prefix and user/chat identifier, e.g. 8:fred.2, 19:a1b2c3d4...@thread.skype


old-style group chat identifier (and only identifier for P2P chats)

Sample users#

The following users are mentioned:

  • Fred Adams, fred.2 – the authenticated user

  • Joe Bloggs, joe.4 – a contact of Fred’s

  • Anna Cooper, anna.7 – not a contact of Fred’s

  • Daisy Dean, daisy.5 – another contact of Fred’s